Frequently-asked Questions

» How much does emailing cost?

Registration and setting up your profile is free. Once that's done, the service costs $29.95 for men while remains free for ladies.

» How does this site work?

After registering and filling in your profile, you can:

- Use the search engine to browse profiles and save your favorites. You can also check who saved yours on their favorites on the admirers page.

Send them a kiss (for free) or a message (payment required for male users) to start communicating

- Chat with them if you are both connected; or just...

- Block them, if they become annoying or tell you weird things you don't want to read on the Internet.

Philippine Singles is a fun site you can use without exposing your email address or full name until you have gotten to know the person you are in contact with better. This makes it safe enough to be yourself.

I forgot my password!

Take it easy, just use this contact form and we will resend it to your email account.

» Problems logging in or using the site?

Philippine Singles uses cookies and Javascript. If you block any of these or both, the site might lose some functionality.

» Is paying secure?

Yes, you do not pay for the service on this site. You are redirected to the website. Once the credit card transaction has completed, you are redirected back to your account on Philippine Singles to continue surfing profiles.

» What if I don't have a credit card?

If you don't have, or you don't want to use a credit card to pay for the service, just contact us and we will send you our alternative payment information.

» How do I suspend my profile?

You can suspend your profile at any time. Go to My Account menu, and click Change Settings. You will find "Click to hide your profile" If you click it, your profile will no longer be visible to the public, but is not deleted from the network.

» This girl is asking me for money. Should I send her?

No, never send money to a woman you haven't met in person yet. Moreover, notify us immediately to take measures against that unscrupulous scammer.