Large Socials

Philippine Singles dating tours are very special occasions to meet Filipino singles and foreign men. After all, you will be both hosts and guests of many activities during your stay in the Philippine islands; and you will be able to invite all those ladies you liked most to spend some time with you getting to know each other.

The socials are the best chance and place to do this. Organized by our staff in such a way you will become the guest of honor, you, men, will be able to get to know dozens and even hundreds of single Filipino girls in one single night and even invite the ten you liked most to each meeting.

Every singles tour to the Philippines will make you guest of honor of at least two of these large and life-changing social parties in which the large difference between the number of men and the number of women present will make you instantly the focus of every lady's attention. You will have the opportunity to chat with all the women and get many dates for the following days of your stay.

As for us, we will strive for creating the mood for an ideal meeting between a single man and a single woman: good music, good atmosphere, good food and drink too. All the elements are in place, the environment is right, all you need to meet these ladies is to commit to doing it.

This year, we're featuring tours and socials to two important cities in the Philippines, Davao and Cebu.